Marketing Trends for 2021

Marketing Trends for 2021

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To say that 2020 has been a heck of a year would be an understatement. It has changed not only how people shop and go about their everyday lives, but it has also changed how both large corporations and smaller businesses capture their audience’s attention and keep it.  Most notably, a staggering 62% of US consumers say that they have been shopping online more than ever.

None of this is likely to change in 2021, especially so early in the year. That’s why it’s best to understand the marketing trends likely to reign in 2021 so that you can capitalize on them yourself. Here are several of the most notable trends:

Brand Accountability

 Citing the exponential growth of altruistic companies, Social Media Today ranks the combination of honesty and goodwill as the number one trend for 2021.  It is easy to see why.  Over the past several years, various social movements have been cropping up and reactions to social issues have increased.  These tensions of course have carried over to 2021 and are unlikely to be quelled anytime soon.   

With almost everyone feeling that “enough is enough,” consumers are in a sense voting with their pocketbooks. Sure, they want high-quality products and unmatched customer service, but they also want to know that the brands they support stand for what is right and meaningful. In fact, one Accenture study found that over 60% of consumers flock to brands driven by purpose. 

Video Content is King 

According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, roughly 82% of all online consumers will be influenced by video to some degree. With so much of life happening remotely these days, this only makes sense. Well-executed videos are fun to watch. Anyone who has watched a lot of cute animal video compilations knows just how quickly time can fly when you are bingeing one after another.

 Remember, though: it is not just video content that engages people. It is relatable, eye-catching video content. Watching a video is easy, but so is clicking out of a plodding video in search of one that is more exciting. Consumers expect fresh but identifiable content that keeps them watching AND that makes them watch to share it with their friends. 

Influencer Marketing 

A carefully scripted video or clever ad is one way to get your audience’s attention. However, sometimes people want an up-close and personal look of a product that cannot be created in a studio, a look offered through the lens of people like themselves. That is where influencer marketing comes into play.

When most people think of influencers, they think of those popular Instagram stars who always seem to be posing with new trendy food or rocking a stylish handbag. As it turns out, almost 80% of all brands that practice influencer marketing turn to Instagram to launch their latest influencer campaigns. During a time when so many are stuck inside, people like to see others experimenting with the new, the sleek, the exciting. For a while, focusing on such posts makes everything else feel a little less pressing.

So, who exactly makes a good influencer? Simply put, the best influencers will be able to talk enthusiastically about a product without a script. They also don’t necessarily have to be super popular; the most important thing is that they maintain a distinct online presence and interact with others articulately and graciously.

At the end of the day, marketing is a process, especially during a year as uncertain as 2021. Want help taking your marketing game to the next level? Reach out to us at Kairos Design Studio!

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