7 Ways Your Business Can Help the Environment

7 Ways Your Business Can Help the Environment

7 Ways Your Business Can Help the Environment 924 565 Julianna Rice

For Earth Day this year, we are sharing 7 ways your company can help protect the environment and promote long-term sustainability.

Whether working from home or returning to the office, consider making these small changes to save the planet!

1. Make Sustainable Purchases

Prioritizing eco-friendly products in the office (or the home office!) isn’t as hard as it sounds. Avoid styrofoam in the lunchroom, and instead opt for reusable plates and silverware. You can also use recycled paper towels and tissues, and even purchase refillable whiteboard markers and pens.

Don’t forget to recycle your ink and toner cartridges. Most cartridge manufacturers include a return packing slip with pre-paid postage so that you can place empty cartridges back in the box and ship it back to the manufacturer. As an added bonus, buying a remanufactured cartridge yields the same results and is usually a little cheaper, saving money AND the environment!

Eco-friendly reusable utensils and plants

2. Limit Unnecessary Printing

In this digital age, there’s no need to print out large packets of information for everyone in the office. Teams that are working from home can attest to the power of a digital document.

Consider sending large files like employee handbooks or brand strategy decks via email instead. Everyone will be able to read the documents, and they’ll never get lost in a pile. On top of the green factor and the paper trail (ahem, the electronic paper trail), employees will also be able to use the nifty search and find feature when browsing through virtual documents, saving precious time, too.

3. Provide Office Water Coolers

We’ve all seen the refillable water bottle stations making the rounds, and it’s a great investment for businesses. If you find yourself looking for a less costly alternative, consider purchasing a water cooler for the office, and providing paper or even reusable cups.

It’ll encourage employees to bring reusable water bottles instead of bringing or purchasing plastic bottles, and your properly hydrated employees will be happier, healthier and more productive.

If you’re working from home, invest in a water filtration system if you haven’t already. No need to spend big bucks, either – a refillable Brita or Pur water filter will do the trick, and it gives you a good excuse to step out of your work zone and take a quick break.

4. Put Out Recycling Bins

The reason why recycling isn’t more popular is because people either don’t have easy access to recycling centers or they just don’t know how. Fortunately, this is an easy fix! For office locations, place recycling bins next to all of your trash cans. Then, tape a friendly how-to reminder nearby that provides information on what goes into the recycling bin, and what is considered trash.

And for all those working from home, do some research on your neighborhood’s recycling policies. Your waste management service provider may already accept recycling, as long as it’s placed in its proper blue or green bag.

Cartoon people recycling

5. Conserve Water and Electricity (at Home and in the Office)

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Well, you can start with the little things, which add up over time. For example, remember to turn off the lights when leaving your room. Don’t leave your computer screen on when you’re away. Opt for natural lighting from the windows in the morning and afternoon.

6. Think Green… with Bamboo!

Almost everything plastic can be replaced with bamboo alternatives. File cabinets, desk organizers, writing utensils… even dish brushes and toothbrushes! There’s a long list of regular supplies that can be replaced with their bamboo counterparts.

Making the switch to bamboo products will help to save the environment, and give your office a modern, stylish vibe.

Bamboo bath accessories and other supplies

7. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

We’ve all heard the phrase “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” but let’s be honest – people often forget to put this into practice. But it’s never too late to start! Write on both sides of the page and recycle all your paper products. Put up signs so that people remember which materials go in the recycle bin and which ones go in the trash. Try to buy office supplies with the eco-friendly logo on it. And always make sure not to waste food.

Saving the planet comes one step at a time, and we can all do our part in this effort!

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