Meet the Team: Claire Wang

Meet the Team: Claire Wang

Meet the Team: Claire Wang 757 762 Sean Kim

Here at Kairos, we think that it’s not only important for you to see and understand our work and what we do, but we also believe that it’s important for you to know who we are and what we are about — especially if our passions and our inspirations are what fuel our work here at Kairos!

This post will be the first of our “Meet the Team” series. We interviewed our intern, Claire Wang to get to know her to a little bit more and what inspires her.

So read on!

What do you do at Kairos Design?

My name is Claire Wang and I am an intern at Kairos Design! I work on a variety of tasks, all depending on which projects we are handling that week. I’ve created mockup ideas of logo and moodboards for new clients,  assisted with client discovery sessions, and I’ve research and brainstorm ideas for social media and blog posts.

What’s your favorite part about working there?

My favorite part about working at Kairos is that I am surrounded by hardworking and understanding people who are always promoting a healthy office culture and environment!

Tell us about what inspires you!

I am always inspired when I visit galleries and museums in the city. Being in the city itself is also such an inspiration. I love seeing artworks in color palettes I’ve never thought of. It helps me be more open-minded with my own works as well. I also love traveling to places I’ve never been. Experiencing new things definitely inspires me as well!

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Can you recommend any websites, books or music?

“It’s Nice That” is a design website that I really enjoy browsing. It features many different kinds of art/design works and occasionally interviews from artists/designers. I recently read an interview on Wyatt Knowles and his playful music posters. Would recommend 10/10! It’s one of my recent favorite articles: Wyatt Knowles on his DIY approach to poster design.

Share with us any interesting projects you’re currently working on?

I recently started a black & white photo account on Instagram to create a place where I can post a different vibe of pictures. It’s a change from my usual neutral and pastel palette and I’m excited to explore this area of aesthetics.

Anything else you want to mention?

I recently got accepted to Rhode Island School of Design and have decided that that’s where I’ll be spending my next four years!!!!

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