Featured: Sean Kim Interview With Subkit

Featured: Sean Kim Interview With Subkit

Featured: Sean Kim Interview With Subkit 1134 1054 Bridget McCown

Kairos is in the news!

We are pleased to say that our very own, Sean Kim – Founder/ Creative Director of Kairos Design Studio, was recently interviewed and featured on the Subkit Go Solo Entrepreneur Stories Series. This blog-based organization, aims to tell entrepreneurs, small business owners, and founders stories about their experience in the business world. Submit aims to “support and inspire ambitious solo entrepreneurs to turn “one day” into day one.”

Within the article, Sean describes his journey as an entrepreneur and how he has grown Kairos into what it is today. From starting in the world of fashion, to freelancing, to starting Kairos, Sean has had quite the entrepreneur journey. A key highlight of the article is when Sean discussed growing one of his clients from zero to half a million in 6 months. Sean credits this success to successfully testing the market and adjusting accordingly. When asked what advice he would give other entrepreneurs, Sean stated, “I would say to keep exploring and keep pushing your boundaries. Always try new things, and constantly keep learning the world is changing more quickly than ever.”.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sean and the Kairos’ story, check out the article below.