Meet the Team: Hannah Ahn

Meet the Team: Hannah Ahn

Meet the Team: Hannah Ahn 924 889 Angela Monte

What will you be doing at Kairos Design?

I’m Hannah, and I’ll be interning at Kairos Design for the summer. In addition to creating social media posts, I’ll be working on graphic design and editorial tasks as well. Though it’s my first day, I expect to gain experience in a diverse spectrum of work!

What are you most looking forward to? 

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to explore different areas of the digital marketing field, and I’m grateful that Kairos will allow me to do that. I’m also excited to sit in on the design process and to be exposed to UI/UX design for the first time.  

Tell us about what inspires you!

Lately, I have been most inspired by everyday life (yes, very cliché). I started watching a Korean Youtuber called ondo who posts snippets of her simple, quiet life. Her videos inspired me to be more detail-oriented and to film my own daily recaps as well.

To add, I’m always inspired by a good art exhibit. Most recently, I went to the Brant Foundation’s amazing Basquiat exhibition and nearly cried. It allowed me to think a lot about individualism and self-expression. 

Can you recommend any podcasts, websites, books or music?

Grafolio is a cool website that, to my knowledge, isn’t very well-known in the US. At its core, it’s a Korean version of Behance. My favorite part of the platform is the illustration community. The artwork often heavily reflects Korean culture, and I think it’s definitely worth looking through. 9Jedit’s gallery is probably my favorite page on the entire site.

Share with us any interesting projects you’re currently working on.

I’m passionate about environmental issues. My friends and I have begun a project in order to reduce single-use plastics in our local area. I can’t say too much about it yet, but hopefully, it will reach a county-wide audience by the end of the summer.

On a smaller scale, I’m teaching myself how to longboard dance. I love watching longboard dancing videos on my phone, so I bit the bullet and decided to try to learn by myself.

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