Meet The Team: Alex Wei

Meet The Team: Alex Wei

Meet The Team: Alex Wei 924 693 Angela Monte

I’m Alex Wei, and I’ll be interning at Kairos for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

What will you be doing at Kairos Design?

My primary focus will be editorial work, such as creating client and agency blogs, developing website content, and conducting basic research for article ideas. I’ll also be involved in graphic design and a variety of other tasks! 

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to working with local clients as well as learning more about marketing and how to grow a brand. And although I’m a STEM student, I actually enjoy writing, design and content creation in general, so this internship allows me to explore my more abstract and imaginative side. 

Tell us about what inspires you!

In general, I’m deeply inspired by the study of math and physics. Every time I solve a new problem, grasp a new concept, or learn a new equation, I feel that I am one step closer towards understanding how our universe works. 

I’m also interested in politics and find myself inspired by the new populist/progressive movement taking shape across the nation. A new generation of leaders is beginning to advocate for new “radical” ideas and bold policy proposals, reminding us that change is possible. The recent influx of young people in politics has even inspired me to consider becoming involved in public service someday.

Can you recommend any websites, books, or music?

I just finished the book “Into the Wild” and would definitely recommend it! It’s a nonfiction narrative that chronicles the life and death of Chris McCandless, a young hiker found dead in an abandoned bus amidst the barren Alaskan wilderness. I was intrigued by the mere premise of the story, which led me to wonder…was it murder? Suicide? Starvation?

Among nonfiction texts I’ve read, “Into the Wild” really stands out because it functions as an unraveling mystery, whereby author John Krakauer begins by discussing the circumstances surrounding McCandless’s death, then gradually reveals more and more about his earlier life. As I read on, I developed an increasingly clear picture of the man behind the mystery, and by the end, was able to piece together the puzzle of Chris McCandless, in all his complexity. 

Share with us any interesting projects you’re working on right now.

Right now, I’m taking an online math course, teaching myself how to read and write in Chinese, and beginning to work on college essays. I actually somewhat enjoy the college application process, through which I’m learning how to create a brand for myself, in a sense, and market that brand to prospective consumers. (Sounds a bit like my internship, doesn’t it?) Aside from that, I create sports highlights videos from time to time and I’ll be involved in physics research once the school year begins.  

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