Ophthalmic Edge | Physician Project Launch

Ophthalmic Edge | Physician Project Launch

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As a leading educator in the medical community, OphthalmicEdge came to us with a concept that would soon develop into a heartfelt mission. Their goal was to bring awareness and education to the community about ophthalmic conditions and procedures. They were in need of a website redesign, launched for their professional audience – but they also wanted to adhere to a new community: patients.

The goal was to create a landing page to then split into two sides of OphthalmicEdge, Patient & Physician. We kept the main focus on the website redesign launch around user experience and integrating key accessibility features.

The website design on the Physicians side had a goal to continue educating professionals and students about ophthalmic conditions and procedures – further inviting physicians from all over the globe to submit lecture series.

To help this goal, some of the main features included a category carousel, series view of a lesson within a course, a carousel of related courses, and mobile responsiveness throughout the site. Because the site also called for video submissions, we built a customized submission platform with an account portal.

P.S. – you can also view the OphthalmicEdge Patient Project Launch here.

For an in-depth look at the work we did for OphthalmicEdge, take a peek at our case study.

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