Testimonial: Jennifer Brisman

Testimonial: Jennifer Brisman

Testimonial: Jennifer Brisman 700 400 Claire Wang

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jennifer Brisman, and for the past 20 years, I have been a wedding and event planner and producer. I’m also the domain founder of VOW, the first real wedding planning web app for couples and professionals with a human touch.

What did you need and how did Kairos help?

I came to Kairos in need of branding, a logo and also mockups for VOW. They helped me find my voice visually, and they helped me create a pattern and flow visually with the mockups — to be able to communicate to technical developers, to be able to communicate to investors what I was looking to build with VOW.

How was your experience working with Kairos?

Working with Kairos was very hyper-collaborative. They are amazing listeners and extremely proactive. In my universe, I have found that there’s a lot of conversation, a lot of meetings, a lot of ramping up to get to the design process, but I actually found that they got there in a very expeditious manner.

I felt that in listening to what my needs are, they were pretty fearless in turning around visual products that represented what I was after, and didn’t worry about my rejection or my like or dislike of them. They really went for it with gusto, and really did learn what works best for me, and what my overall vision and tone was for VOW.

So, as we worked on tangential products, they were able to apply that same vibe, that same tone, and that same learning process that I have, and the same collaborative process that I like, to each project that we worked on together.  

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