Testimonial: Dr.Fisher/OE

Testimonial: Dr.Fisher/OE

Testimonial: Dr.Fisher/OE 750 395 Claire Wang

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Yale Fisher, I am a practicing ophthalmologist in New York City and have been so for 47 years. Ophthalmic Edge was an idea we had in 2009 to build a course for physicians in contact with B-scan and ultrasonography. We accomplished that by 2010 and it went live in 2010.

Following that, we had many other contributors. Often in the field of Retina and other fields. After a period of time, we decided that we would like to make another portal, another site for patients as well as physicians and professionals where they can get information, which was useful in their daily lives of dealing with vision loss.

What was the driving need behind your project?

The driving need for me is an educational process for both physicians and patients. For the physicians, they benefit from the courses. For the patients, they benefit from the information given to them by people who are very sensitive to vision loss.

How did the completed website meet your needs?

It’s never really completed, it keeps on growing and it’s going to grow every single month on both sides until we reach as many people as we can. Ophthalmic Edge is already in 177 countries. And we are just gonna keep going and adding more information and more courses to keep them up to date. Because that’s the real key when technology is changing so quickly.

Which three words describe the experience of working with Kairos?

That’s very hard to do especially when it involves some work, which I’ll probably never understand. But they didn’t question it. So I think those 3 words are most important in dealing with Kairos.

I think they are attentive. They are really knowledgeable, and they are responsive. If they find that something they have done is not what exactly what we wanted, they are quick to change it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I just hope that our mission continues and I hope that Kairos is immensely successive beyond their wildest dreams. It’s been a great experience, I really enjoyed it.



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