Testimonial: Dorrie/OE

Testimonial: Dorrie/OE

Testimonial: Dorrie/OE 750 395 Claire Wang

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Dorrie Rush. I am on the Board of Association for Macular Diseases. Our organization has helped people live better for nearly 40 years.

In the beginning, we focused on helping patients live better with macular disease and macular degeneration. It started as a support group for people living with macular degeneration. Our extended goal today is to help anyone with vision loss, vision impairment, and progressive vision loss live better.

What was the driving need behind your project?

Many patients first learn the full details about their visual impairment or related disease when they visit the doctor. They have lots of questions and lots of concerns, but certain concerns are difficult to answer at a doctor’s office.

The problem alone is a huge matter, but patients also don’t know how to deal with the changes that are happening with changes to their vision. They don’t know that there are various ways to address their needs. With help, they can make adjustments, and they can and will be able to continue to live and work productively.

How did the completed website meet your needs?

The completed website met our goals in really every way. What we first set out to do was to build a site that would sit beautifully next to its sister, Ophthalmic Edge for Physicians, but be totally different to fulfill different needs of our audience. We wanted a site that would be very easy to read, simple, clean, and accessible. We wanted to respect the audience, who are the ones reading the content on our site.

I think we totally accomplished it! They paid amazing attention to the detail of the texts, fonts, and contrast, which made the website clean. We knew that we accomplished the goal of a visually accessible website for our clients and our far patients.

Do you recommend Kairos? Which three words describe working with Kairos?

I absolutely recommend Kairos. Working with Kairos has really been a joy and a very positive experience. The words that I would use are knowledgeable, confident, and cooperative. When you work with people in different capacities and do projects, oftentimes, things don’t flow smoothly. But with Kairos, everything flowed very smoothly. We have great chemistry, and I think that’s what Kairos can offer.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Our working relationship with Kairos is amazing. It’s collaborative, balanced, and never one-sided. I feel like there is an equal opportunity for everyone’s ideas and thoughts. Kairos is very thoughtful about the things that we ask for. Even for things that can’t be done easily. That makes a huge difference and we’ve had that throughout the entire experience.



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