Testimonial: Shinnong

Testimonial: Shinnong

Testimonial: Shinnong 1500 1020 Julianna Rice

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, my name is John Yun, and I am the CEO at Shinnong Fertilizer Company. Shinnong is an organic fertilizer company that provides one hundred percent natural organic fertilizer for people who grow plants and gardens.

Our mission is to help people by providing the best organic product. In doing so, we can help them grow healthy plants in a manner that doesn’t harm our environment.

What did you need and how did Kairos help?

I wanted the right channel to reach our target audience in order to help them with their needs. When they have any questions or feedback, I just want to make sure that we are there for them with the right information. It was important that we have a close connection with our customers.

In response, Kairos created a portal and a website for us. I wanted a clean name, simple design, and user-friendly website, so anybody could come and enjoy the experience with our company. Kairos did an amazing job! They nailed all our needs in every way and exceeded our expectations, so I’m very happy with their work.

How was your experience working with Kairos?

It was overall very enjoyable. Kairos really knew our market, carried out great execution, and had sensibility on all the little details. But most of all, when I dealt with Sean, they are willing to work with you, and that was the main key. It’s really rare to find a company like this to work with for your project, and I feel so glad I’ve found Kairos.

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