The Story Behind The Name “Kairos”

The Story Behind The Name “Kairos”

The Story Behind The Name “Kairos” 700 428 rob

We’ll be the first to admit: it’s not always easy choosing a name!

A name must be memorable and have special significance — perfect enough to be forever associated with an item, person, or project. In order to launch the distinct uniqueness of anything new into the world, it’s crucial to choose the right word in the right language.

The choice of “Kairos” as the name for our creative agency comes from our love of its meaning and its perfect relation to our brand’s mission.

Back in the day, the ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos.Chronos referred to the passage of sequential time (seconds, minutes, days), whilekairos meant time in the more abstract sense — the opportune moment for the right decision or action.

The meaning of this name relates perfectly back to our purpose at Kairos Design Studio. We created this agency because we wanted to help to introduce and grow brands: big, small, new, or enduring.

The ideal moment for us is a kairos: the perfect moment to help our clients seize the day by crafting a clear, individual voice through visuals, language, and digital presence. Truly, nothing provides us greater joy than a client’s success achieved through attentive listening and dedicated work.

Sometimes, we get lucky with a word that comes to mind out of the blue; sometimes, it takes time, research, and consultation with other collaborators.

Either way, a name is often the first, purposeful step in any new endeavor. It sets the tone for the future. It may be true that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but if you ask us, the name is half the magic to the scent.

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