VRMNY – Project Overview

VRMNY – Project Overview

VRMNY – Project Overview 1000 667 Claire Wang

Since Spring 2015, our team at Kairos has worked closely with Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York (VRMNY) on a multi-part web design, custom design, and search engine optimization (SEO) project. As the largest practice in the New York metropolitan area, with a team of industry-leading physicians, VRMNY aimed to reach their audiences online in an impactful way that was difficult with an existing website. Today, with a new design, custom-designed assets, and the implementation of initial SEO, the VRMNY website more effectively communicates the practice’s leading-edge brand and status.

Site traffic reports show a significant improvement in visitor bounce rate, from 70.97% for the old website (January 2016) compared to 43.62% for the redesigned website (July 2016). Visitor bounce rate indicates the percentage of exits immediately after landing on the page they entered on (home or internal page). The upwards trend here marks a substantial improvement in audience engagement post-revamp.

Based on our conversations with the VRMNY team, the website redesign and focus on clear call-to-actions have manifested in an uptick in the number of weekly contacts for appointments, resulting in an overall 110% increase from Q1 to Q2. This highlights the success of clarified paths and interactivity on the redesigned website.

Due to the range of tools available and time required, it is true that it can be difficult to have all the materials required for a complete web presence from day one. In our experience, the ideal approach is to treat the process as an ever-evolving one —beginning with a solid foundation and progressing with incremental improvements, with strategic adjustments along the way based on audience feedback and conversions.

In reviewing the project, we feel that the trajectory of progress has followed this route, by gradually and methodically building upon prior work. It has been a complete joy and pleasure to work in collaboration with the VRMNY team, and we hope to remain helpful in engaging audiences and forging a successful web presence.

Below you’ll see a testimonial video our team put together about our experience working with VRMNY.

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