Brands We Love: Warby Parker

Brands We Love: Warby Parker

Brands We Love: Warby Parker 924 560 Hannah Ahn

Do you wear glasses? If yes, have you heard of EssilorLuxottica? If you answered no, that’s completely normal. But you should know that the pair of glasses you’re wearing is most likely made from them. It’s because they’re a monopoly that’s dominating the eyewear market by being the parent company of all the subsidiaries that we’re buying from.

On the other hand, have you heard of Warby Parker? If you wear glasses, most likely you have heard of them or even purchased from them. That’s because they’re a 2 billion-dollar private company that exists to provide you an alternative.

So what’s special about them? Here are a few reasons why we love Warby Parker.

They do good.

Buy one give one offer, people receiving glasses from Warby Parker

If you haven’t noticed, consumers care where their money goes. And now more than ever, they care about what a brand stands for. With over 1 billion people worldwide without access to glasses, that means 15% of the world population is struggling every day. Warby Parker partnered up with VisionSpring and many other non-profits to make sure that a pair of glasses is distributed for every pair they sell.

Like they say on their website, “there’s nothing complicated about it. Good eyewear, good outcome.”

All about convenience.

Screen shots of the five day trial program provided by Warby Parker

You can visit any of Warby’s 20 retail locations, or you can just buy online. But how on Earth do you buy glasses from the internet without trying them on first? Don’t worry, you can use their revolutionary  “Home Try-On” program. 

You start by picking five frames you like. 

Then you can try them out for five days. 

Before the end of the trial period, tell Warby Parker which frames you want to purchase, and they’ll ship you a brand new pair.

At the end of the five days, ship the package back for free. 

Easy as pie.

They’re visionary (pun intended).

pair of hands drawing up glasses frames on art board at Warby Parker

It is pretty mind-boggling when you see the sticker price on a pair of Warby Parker glasses. They’re errr, arguably affordable for a designer brand compared to the outrageous markups you sometimes see in other stores.

Warby Parker designs and manufactures their glasses in-house, so every pair you order is newly made for you. In addition, their way of engaging with customers directly and communicating in a fun manner through various platforms make them a friendly accessible brand for the general audience. If you choose to believe what they say, Warby Parker ultimately provides “higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price.”

They do branding well. 

With a timeless wordmark to a simple shade of blue, the Warby Parker logo is eye-catching. They do simple well — in a way that’s impactful. Just check out their website. The overall impression of just navigating their website is minimalistic but full of content. Warby Parker was founded in 2010, and they mastered simple branding before anyone else even know it was a thing.

If you’re in need of a new pair of glasses, we recommend checking Warby Parker out. Who knows, they might just have the perfect one for you.


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