Build a Brand: Why Chatbots Are Important for Your Business

Build a Brand: Why Chatbots Are Important for Your Business

Build a Brand: Why Chatbots Are Important for Your Business 150 150 rob
Using the chatbot function on a website
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In recent years, it’s become pretty obvious that customer service lines will do anything to direct you to the company site. You have to dig through pages and pages of a website to even find a phone number, and once you get on the phone, there is always an “unusually high call volume.” With dwindling numbers of customer service representatives in the workforce, the process has become slower and more frustrating than it ever was before.

This is because companies are going digital. Alright, alright, we know that’s not very groundbreaking. But seriously, brands are utilizing digital platforms to even include instant customer service on their websites. All through the use of a chatbot. (This is the groundbreaking part!)

What is a chatbot?

According to Techopedia, A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversation by using key pre-calculated user phrases and auditory or text-based signals.

Chatbots provide basic customer service and instant messaging (IM) for clients. 

When should you use a chatbot?

Chatbots have been proven most effective with simple transactions where only a limited range of responses are needed. 

A couple of examples: 

  1. Asking questions about a product you want to buy.
  2. When you want to return a product or obtain a return shipping label.
  3. If you need to make an appointment.

Should my brand be using a chatbot?

Chatbots are still in the beginning phase, but the technology is growing and only getting better with time. If you’re seeking to personalize communication with potential customers, turn visitors into buyers, or provide a fast and effective service for your clients, then you should consider incorporating a chatbot into your site. 

Both simple and smart versions of chatbots exist, so you can start slow if you’d like or simply dive right in. Once you’ve decided to move forward, a digital marketing or software agency can help you set it up.



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