Building Your Brand: Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Building Your Brand: Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Building Your Brand: Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement 924 616 Julianna Rice
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For some brands, Instagram is a driving force for business. For others, it’s a mere visual complement to brand messaging. Either way you look at it, Instagram provides brands with endless opportunities to engage with customers, drive traffic, and drive sales.

Instagram may create new algorithms often and “change the rules” of engagement, but one thing remains the same — an Instagram engagement rate is essential to growing your account. After all, a brand isn’t going to go grow without connecting to its community.

Incorporate a few of these Instagram tactics and watch your account perform in a more meaningful way.


Before you’re about to post, interact with other like-minded users and followers in your industry. By commenting and connecting with other users, your post will be seen by more people.

Before and After

You want to get as much engagement on your post as possible within the first hour of posting. So, be strategic about when you communicate with others. Comment on other account posts right before and after you submit a post. Once a user sees your comment, they are more likely to go to your page and interact with your account.

The Instagram algorithm believes that a post with more engagement within an hour of posting is likely to be interesting to a lot of your followers, so it will then land higher in more of your followers’ feeds.

Post Your Face

People want to see your face! If your brand isn’t about “you,” people want to see faces in general. It’s been proven that photos capturing people perform better than others. Don’t believe us?

Click the menu bar > Insights > Content > See All

This section sorts all of your posts in the past year by engagement. (FYI, you can filter many different insights on this page in the app.) Once you see most of the “people pictures” are photos with the most engagement, start to plan out which next posts will include more people.

Stay tuned for plenty more Instagram tips in future Kairos blog articles.



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