Meet the Team: Lindsey Polevoy

Meet the Team: Lindsey Polevoy

Meet the Team: Lindsey Polevoy 1500 1125 Julianna Rice

What’s your full name?

Lindsey Polevoy 🙂

What will you be doing at Kairos Design?

I’m joining the team at Kairos as an Editorial Marketing Intern! I will primarily be assisting in the development of agency and client blogs, as well as working on social media marketing and campaigns.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to working in the environment of a Digital Marketing Agency and learning more about what the day to day is like in the field! I am especially excited to further explore and combine my creative interests in writing, content creation, and strategy/analytics.

Tell us about what inspires you!

I find inspiration in random bits and pieces. In my spare time, I love listening to history and writing podcasts — I find that after a good podcast, I always have a new sense of motivation and purpose. As a developing playwright, I also get lots of inspiration from reading plays and scripts (there’s a great website/database with TV pilots that I somehow always spend hours on).

Can you recommend any podcasts, websites, books or music?

One of my most “beloved” reads (haha) is the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison. The novel follows Sethe, a former slave, in her life after slavery, and it is inspired by the story of a woman from the time named Margaret Garner. I find that Morrison’s writing is extremely captivating and she does a fantastic job of utilizing various aspects of magical realism to capture Sethe’s trauma. I am also currently listening to the podcasts 3rd & Fairfax (produced by the Writers Guild of America), An Oral History of The Office (a classic and one of my favorite TV shows), and Every Little Thing (a podcast answering weird and random scientific/historical questions).

Share with us any interesting projects you’re working on!

Right now, I am in the editing process for a one-act play I started working on over the summer! And, just for the fun of it, I am hoping to start working on a TV pilot script sometime soon. I’ve also been getting through my college essays and applications in my free time (which, surprisingly, is not as terrible as many people make it out to be). I’ve really enjoy trying to create my own “brand” and track a common theme throughout my application!

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Julianna Rice

Before she became content manager at Kairos (and finally put that English degree to good use!) Julianna had a successful career in risk management and direct sales. When she's not writing helpful content for small business owners, you can find her at a book club. She also likes cats, coffee, and carbs – in that order.

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