OphthalmicEdge Partners with Kairos to Launch OE Acronyms App

OphthalmicEdge Partners with Kairos to Launch OE Acronyms App

OphthalmicEdge Partners with Kairos to Launch OE Acronyms App 1200 857 Julianna Rice

Kairos Design Studio is excited to announce another partnership with OphthalmicEdge to launch its newest project, OE Acronyms app. We’re humbled that OphthalmicEdge has trusted us with yet another valuable resource to benefit the ophthalmic medical community!

OE Acronyms, a new app for ophthalmic acronyms and abbreviation definitions, is now available for free in the Apple AppStore and on Google Play. The app provides ready access to the definitions of commonly-used acronyms, as well as infrequently utilized abbreviations across all ophthalmology subspecialties. Brief descriptions accompany some of the acronyms, and every acronym was submitted by an ophthalmic professional before being reviewed by a team of practicing ophthalmologists.

OE Acronyms was born of Ophthalmic Edge, a non-profit organization committed to educating the ophthalmic community. This newest venture was led by a nationally renowned and respected physician Dr. Yale Fisher, M.D., who has first-hand experience with the confusion and ambiguity of acronyms in medical charts. Dr. Fisher had a vision for an app dedicated to helping medical professionals and students quickly reference ophthalmic acronyms wherever they went — whether that was a medical conference, a lecture, or during their morning rounds.


OE Acronyms Project

Learn more about OE Acronyms by visiting the site here.

Developed over the last few months by Dr. Fisher’s team of elite ophthalmologists, OE Acronyms has over 1500 entries provided by 35 U.S. and international ophthalmic contributors. Current Co-Directors, Grayson W. Armstrong, M.D., MPH and Nimesh Patel, M.D. joined the development group shortly after inception and planning — they have been critical in building a user-friendly program. Additional contributions from participants and new users continues to increase the library of acronym offerings.

OE Acronyms is an offshoot of Ophthalmicedge.org, an educational website initially started in 2010 to teach clinical B-Scan ultrasound techniques. This 501(c)(3) organization subsequently expanded to provide learning resources for many other ophthalmic subjects for physicians and trainees alike.

A behind-the-scenes look at the design, development and implementation of the app can be found here.

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