Testimonial: Greg/VRMNY

Testimonial: Greg/VRMNY

Testimonial: Greg/VRMNY 750 507 Claire Wang

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Greg Wirbickas and I’m ophthalmic scribe and a marketing outreach specialist for Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York. We are a multi-physician practice with 3 offices, one in Midtown Manhattan, Westchester, and Brooklyn, NY.

We specialize in age-related  Macular Degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and an assortment of rare retina diseases.   We not only treat these and diagnose these clinically. We are also on the forefront of research in retina disease.  

How would you describe the project and purpose?

Basically, what we were looking for when we were deciding to update our website was to make something a little bit more user-friendly. A Lot of our patients have a little bit of vision problem. We needed something that could cater toward low-vision patients, also newer patients.

The purpose of the website was to reach out to the younger crowd to kind of explain to  them a little bit about retina disease and things that they may not be particularly experiencing. However, their loved ones, grandmothers, family members, they can go to that site and say “hey this is something you might have, maybe we should get it checked out”.

Can you describe pain points of the current website and what you were looking to improve the project?

Our old website was very out-dated, it was not very user-friendly either. It was very difficult to navigate and a lot of our patients are low-vision based so they had difficulties using a computer in general.

The new site is a little bit more catered to what we are looking to do. Patients can easily book an appointment, find out a little bit more about retina disease and kind of new things that we are doing as a company today. Also the mobile features are great too, so they can just be anywhere and be able to use it, just makes things really easy to get information on the go.


Would you recommend Kairos to a friend or colleague, and if so, why?


Of course I would recommend Kairos to basically anybody that’s looking to build a website where there is a simple concepts or something complicated that’s like retina disease. Communication on point and just being able to deliver on time is a rare quality in web design.



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