The Kairos Playlist: In The Mood For Love

The Kairos Playlist: In The Mood For Love

The Kairos Playlist: In The Mood For Love 924 616 Julianna Rice

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We’re feeling the love here in the Kairos Design offices with this month’s Spotify playlist!

We wanted this month’s edition of Kairos Picks to capture the wide-ranging musical tastes of our team, but still center around this famous holiday of flowers and chocolates.

As always, each track was picked by a member of our team. There’s a wide range of variety, from the powerful vocals of Hozier to the classic notes of Ella Fitzgerald. You’ll find both classic love songs and modern ballads here!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own romantic playlist or you need a pre-selected playlist of love songs, you can check out the Kairos Picks playlist here, or click down below!

You can also check out last month’s playlist centered around creativity here.

Got your own song recommendation for Valentine’s Day? Send it our way at!

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